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2 years ago my life completely changed when my daughter read The Princess and the Pea. Her raw reaction inspired a children’s book and a movement to redefine the frailty we associate with “princess”. Years of the damsel in distress narrative have programmed our culture to view girls as dependent and helpless creatures. As the mother to 2 self-proclaimed princesses, I know this to be complete crap. 

So, together with my daughter, we wrote ‘The Prince and the Flea”. A fairy tale where the princess could teach us a thing or two about self-worth. She is bold, brave, and fearless. Princess Tillie will only accept a marriage proposal from a man who is willing to prove his love and himself… PROPER.

As the story evolved I realized just how vital the messages were to promote a culture of damsel’s in determination. A simple idea that could potentially revolutionize how we teach our daughters about love, and from a child’s pure thoughts. Freakin’ GENIUS. 

For many years, I have heard and admired the stories of women and girls who have overcome adversity, scrutiny, and the impossible to “live daring”-Brene Brown. Women who have sacrificed so much live a life of compassion. Girls who have broke the mold and followed their big dreams passionately and relentlessly. These are the hardly fair, rather fierce ladies that exemplify what it means to be

These are the hardly fair, rather fierce ladies that exemplify what it means to be an #empoweredprincess. I wanted to honor them and create a platform where their stories can be shared, heard and  inspire the world to change how we see and treat our daughters.

#EmpoweredPrincess will boldly reclaim the bad-ass status they deserve. 

Additionally, I wanted to highlight the plight of the #Noble Knight. Boys and men that are proactively trying to make the world a better place for the ladies they love. These are men that know how to treat a girl like a princess. To me…there is no trait more distinguished. 

This site is new so there still is much work to be done and content to be added.

So…if you have stories that fit the mold break the mold, please nominate your #NobleKnight or #EmpoweredPrincess and together we can create a generation consciously invested in ‘Happily Ever After’. 

THE DREAM is to eventually become a non-profit that will fiercely and relentlesly advocate for vulnerable girls all over the world.